Our initial target is to raise at least £2,500 by 31 May 2024 through grants and through our online funding platform:

Funds will be used cover the following proposed activities during the academic year 2024-25.

  1. To cover the costs of at least one term of Whole Class Ensemble Teaching (WCET) (at £800 per class per term)

  2. To provide a fund for ongoing instrument and tuition for those interested in continuing tuition for at least one further term (subject to funding)

  3. To support workshops or similar given by professionals to support music activities (subject to funding)

  4. To support administrative costs of the charity (such as webhosting, website and other registration fees (£200-300)

  5. No expenditure on music services will be committed until  sufficient funding has been received

  6. Any funds unallocated to 2024 activities will be used towards our 2025 programme of activities.